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The following are some of the questions frequently asked of James. If you have any questions you would like answered here, please contact us.

What advice would you give a couple on choosing a photographer for their special day?

When looking at the photographer's work, ask yourself are the images conveying the emotion of the day; do the couple and their guests look relaxed and are the expressions convincing! It is very important to choose someone you like and can get on with. If the couple and the photographer don't click it will effect your photographs. Ask to see a complete wedding from start to finish to see if the image making is consistent and how the coverage develops. Use a qualified photographer and a wedding specialist.

How much will it all cost?

It depends on the number of albums required, most couples usually give smaller albums to their in-laws. For quality wedding photography you should expect to spend at least €1,500 which would include a bride's book. For exceptional photographs you might spend two to three times that amount.

Do you shoot colour and black and white, and why?

Most couples choose to have a mix of both, though about 10 percent of the weddings I do are shot completely in black and white. Colour is now normally used to record the traditional pictures of the bride and groom, the bridal party and the important studies of the parents and family groups. The effective use of black and white film can convey the emotion and drama of the day and add to the unique look of the finished wedding album. Finally, if you plan to have black and white images made of your wedding day you may have to struggle with your photographer to get them to shoot black and white film because the images are handmade - it costs more, but it's worth it.

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